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Consignments for auction 92
Consignments for auction 92 on April 23, 2016 are welcome until end of January 2016. Please fix an appointment.


Have a look at the complete conditions of consignment (at the moment only available in German). You will get the legal contract when consigning. Enclosed, you will find some excerpts of it:

Dr. Winterberg is a commission agent. The auctions contain paintings, drawings, Fine Art prints, illustrated books and scultpures of the 15th-21st century.


Every lot in the catalogue is checked up on authenticity and technique. The valuation prices are defined according to the actual selling conditions and by national and international schedules of prices.
It is also possible to write an estimation.


Your artworks are insured about 6 - 8 month against fire, water and theft.


There is a charge of Euro 15 € per lot (including tax) for editing and printing the texts.


Each lot will be illustrated in colour in the catalogue (print and online), charged Euro 50 € for both (including tax).


There is a graded premium plus 1% artists welfare tax (artists of the 20th/21st) to pay.


After the auction, all unsold lots are available in Heidelberg for the same conditions as at the auction itself for about four weeks.


No later than four weeks after the aftersale has finished, you will get your auction proceeds transfered (provided that all the money of your account has been transfered by the buyers to us before).


Please ask for restorers for the different types of art (paper, canvas, wood,...). We can also recommend professional galleries which manufacture frames.


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