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The Bundesverband Deutscher Kunstversteigerer (national association of auctioneers) shows current online-catalogues of its members.
Platform with online-catalogues of auctioneers (art, books, antiques, and toys).
Real World Auctions - platform with auction houses presenting art, juwellery & watches, porcelain & pottery, glas & christal, etc.
Homepage of the German journals "Weltkunst" and "Kunst und Auktionen" with current themes about art.
Platform with current art news - auctions, exhibitions, artists...
Platform about artists and art dealers with current dates and a price database.
The Zentrale Verzeichnis Antiquarischer Bücher (catalogue of antique books) shows about 3700 art book dealers and their antique books as well as graphics, autographs and postcards in different languages.

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The Art Loss Register is a big private database to clear up art thefts.
Project of Germany to find cultural assets which dissapeared during the Second World War.
Platform for auction houses and dealers with dates, addresses and press exhibitions, arts, jewellery, etc.
Platform about art with contents like artists, exhibitions and news.
Platform with yellow pages of Germany, Shops, city maps, city information, job market, advertising market, etc.
Non-profit association in Munich for low-priced tickets for theatre, opera and concerts as well as guided tours and cultural journeys.
Encyclopaedia in more than 100 languages.
You can find different online-dictionaries on our Homepage.


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