Live bidding (online)




You can bid live on the internet at all auctions of Winterberg|Kunst. The live bidding is done through our partner and their terms and conditions apply.

Please use the link below. You can register as a bidder there. After reviewing your details, we will enable you to participitate in the auction as soon as possible.







Please note following terms:


·       there is an additional charge of 3% on the hammer price for live bidding

·       please register at least 24 hours before begin of the auction to ensure a smooth approval

·       if you are a customer at Winterberg|Kunst for the first time, please send us a copy of your identity card or passport

·       the bid is limited to 5.000 EUR for live bidding online. If you want to increase this limit, please inform us in time


If you have any questions, please contact us:

phone +49 (0)6221 91599-0   or


Hildastr. 12
69115 Heidelberg
Telefon: 06221915990 06221915990
Fax: 062219159929


Mo.-Fr. :

10:00  - 17:30 

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