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Bidding at the auctioneers


An auction is an exciting experience: Original artworks are available at low prices. At Winterberg's the estimation price in the catalogue shows approximately the market value of the object.

The minimum bid is about 20 % lower than the estimation price. Further information about our conditions of sale are available here.


There are different ways to take part at our auctions:


Bidding in Salesroom

At the auctioneers

It's the most exciting experience to take part live at the auctioneers!

At the entrance you will get a number to show your interest in bidding. And no worries: the auctioneer recognizes the difference between a bid and "nose-scratching". If you get an item without wanting it just inform the auctioneer immediatelly, then the Lot will be reoffered. The auctioneer calls out the prices.

The highest bid gains the award. If you are not interested in bidding, just join the auction without a number and enjoy the atmosphere.


Written bid

If it's not possible to join the auction live, you can send an absentee bid (Buyingform PDF) by fax or post.

Please use our form for written bids. The highest bid gains the award. Your maximum bid will not be exploited.

The bids will rise in steps of 5 % up to 10%. In the case that different written bids on one position are on a hand, the lot will decide.


Phone bid

Absentee bid by phone From an estimation of 800,- Euro per Lot on, it is possible to bid by phone but we need, at least one day before the auction, a completely filled in bidding form with at least the minimum bid of the respective items and your signature.

Don't forget your adress including your phone number!


Live bidding (online)


Another possibility is - after registration - to bid online during the auction. There are a few auction platforms to do with. Further Informations you can find on the special site:

Live bidding (online)






It's possible to take your purchases with you after paying them whilst the auction is still running. If desired we can send your purchases by post. It is possible have a look at our conditions of shipping here.


Previews take place in Heidelberg. Our branch in Munich shows only selected lots. The online catalogue contains photos of each Lot.
Please take note of our conditions of sale (only available in German).


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